The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek

What is Azania?

  • It is our attempt to be true to ourselves and to create what we believe in.
  • It is the name for our project of manifesting a retreat and intentional community.
  • It will be an energy nexus in which transformation takes place.

Currently Azania is the vision to live on South African soil and to create a space where people can stay or visit to detoxify, participate and heal. A place where knowledge and inspiration are shared, which is integrated into the local community and is respectful of all cultures, the animals, the soil and water.

One goal of this website is to give you an idea of where we are moving towards, so that you can find out whether you would like to become part of it.

We will be visiting communities and talk to people who live alternative lifestyles and who share similar goals and visions.

We’ll be documenting and sharing our thoughts, practices and experiences on this website, instead of using corporate-surveillance funded social manipulation media platforms.

Who are we?

JC and Manuela

On new year’s eve 2007 a young South African man and German girl met in Namibia.

Our love story is the same as every true love story. The one in which love tries to overcome fear. Again and again… it is the eternal fight between the two elemental forces. Each time love overcomes, it grows ever deeper and more beautiful.

From the beginning we shared a great curiosity about the world, which led us to live on different continents and to travel to many countries. We saw places of spectacular beauty and we met people who we grew to love and now gladly call our friends.

On our travels we also witnessed the environmental degradation and defilement of the earth that come from our unsustainable way of life.

We saw deserted South American island beaches littered with plastic, the destruction of rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia to make way for palm oil plantations, the degradation of beautiful islands in Thailand due to excessive tourism and vast swathes of burnt out forest in Portugal, due to drought and alien Eucalyptus plantations.

Much of this destruction and degradation is caused through ignorance and fear. We believe that humanity is being called upon, to awaken and act, before it’s too late.

We want to play our small part in bringing about the necessary transformation, from a fear-based, self-centered, dominator mindset to one that is in harmony with nature.

Like many people, we now put effort into avoiding animal products, unnecessary consumption and try to minimize our ecological footprint.

Currently we are living as nomads in Europe; traveling, meeting like-minded people and looking at communities and intentional forms of living.

We intend to eventually go back to South Africa and to settle in a community with those of you who will become part of Azania.

The sign you've been looking for

Photo by Austin Chan, via unsplash.com