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Eternity is a child at play - Heraclitus

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I’m JC, a software developer, musician and flow-arts performer who prefers his puns intended and unironically likes 80s music.

I like long walks on the beach, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

My Music

🎶 Music was my first love, and will be my last. Music of the future, music of that past 🎶 - (Me singing Miles Davis in the shower)

I’m a guitarist and I produce electronic music, working under the mom de plume Dust and Hofmann.

Flow arts and martial arts

I like to play with fire and the flow-arts provide a great way to do that. I play poi (if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know poi, think of two balls of fire at the end of chains, being swung about to make pretty patterns) and fire-sword.

Here’s me trying to look cool with the fire sword:

JC with a fire sword

I’ve also been doing martial arts (mostly Escrima and Wing Chun/Wing Fight) for more than 10 years now, so I guess that merits at least one sentence on my about page.

My principles on software

As a software developer I specialize in web-based applications, intranets, content management systems and real-time communication (e.g. chat).

I write quite a lot of open source and Free software, most noteworthy perhaps converse.js, a webchat which can be included in any website, and its fullscreen cousin inverse.chat. My technical blog can be found at Opkode.

I support the principles and ideals behind Free Software, which goal is to first and foremost empower and liberate software users.

Free in this context is meant to convey Freedom, not “without cost”.

For software to be Free, users should be able to inspect and change the software running on their computing devices.

If the software you run is not Free, you have no way to determine or control what it really does, which means that the creator of the software has undue power over you.

Free software is much less likely to spy on you and to use so-called “dark patterns” to trick you into doing things against your own interest.

Software has the potential to liberate, but also to subjugate and control. Free software is an attempt to tip the scales towards liberation.

And on that note, let’s all be free and happy! The alternatives don’t seem so appealing.