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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away

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I am a psychologist trained in coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes many different interventions for psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder. I also have a deep interest in forms of healing which make use of altered states of consciousness and involve the body (e. g. holotropic breathwork, substance-assisted therapy, water therapy, functional optometry).

Like Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Hunt and the Moon, I am goal-driven and have an adventurous, nomadic spirit. I love to dance and play with hula hoops anywhere in nature, to explore the world and to learn new skills. I draw a lot of inspiration from psychedelic trance and art festivals in which JC and I participated since the very beginning of our realtionship. Since I lived in Namibia and South Africa, I also have a great love for the mother continent and its people.

Life has taught me that every person is good at their core and worthy of love. Working as a psychotherapist allowed me to witness how we have the ability to grow from hardship, to heal and to live a life that is for sure not always easy, but deeply fulfilling and rich in meaning. I can’t think of a greater honour than assisting someone on their life’s unfolding journey.

My vision for Azania therefore is to set up a holistic retreat where various forms of (psycho)therapy are offered and opportunities provided for people to grow and transform themselves in beneficial and long lasting ways.

What I offer

  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching: Your hero’s journey
  • Functional optometry (eye exercises for the improvement of short-sightedness)
  • Courses in hula hooping and belly dancing
  • Drawing (Henna Tattoos, Mandalas)

Credentials and Professional background

  • Psychotherapy (4.5 years German Psychology degree, 4 years clinical training)
  • Coaching (accredited as a coach by the International Coach Federation 2014, ACC Level)
  • I’ve been hooping since 2012 and practise oriental dance (Raqs Sharki) since 2015
  • I have trained my eyes through functional optometry so that I am now able to live without visual aid after having used them for 15+ years (-3.75 | -2.5 dpt.)
Manuela with a large hoola hoop

Credit: 'Shoot Your Shot' Photography by Christophe Renodeyn